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About Me

Where it all began…

Hi! My name is Kris-Ann and I enjoy crocheting 

I’m from sunny St. Catherine, Jamaica, and I’ve always loved anything artsy since I was a child. Whether it was drawing or creating something cool, being creative always got me super excited.

But here’s the twist: In 2020, I was stuck at home as a Jamaican university student, itching to try new hobbies. That’s when I stumbled upon crochet on social media. It was love at first sight! So, in 2021, I got myself a crochet kit and my very first yarn ball.

What started as a fun hobby quickly turned into a big passion. My friends and family loved what I was making and pushed me to turn this passion into a business. So, in November 2023, I finally took the leap and launched Kophire.

Now, crochet is cool, but I wanted to do something a bit different from the usual Jamaican crochet scene. That’s why I focus on making plushies and tapestries – something unique that shows off my brand’s special style.

At Kophire, every piece isn’t just threads and stitches; it’s a piece of my heart and a celebration of doing things a bit differently. Join me on this awesome journey where every creation has its own story, and we’re all about letting imaginations run wild!

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